HTI Wins Excellence in Family Engagement Community Award

Dr. Folami Prescott-Adams and HTI Catalysts have been named the winner of the Excellence in Family Engagement Community Award!  The award will be presented at the APyeS! Awards on October 29, 2019, 5:00 pm, at the Delta Flight Museum.

The award is given to a family engagement association that has been in existence in a school or community  for at least one or more years, serves as a leader in the engagement of families, and the community, has a track record of stellar performance at work, in  the community, and or/in their profession, inspires families of all background and abilities, plays an active and useful role in the community as well as in the school and demonstrates integrity and maintains honest and equitable relationships with students, parents, and APS employees.

HTI is honored to  to be the winner of this prestigious award.

A Consultants Network

HTI Catalysts is a collaborative network of consultants that provide facilitation and professional development to schools, youth programs, and community-based organizations.

HTI has consistently enhanced organizational capacity by providing training, formative evaluation, coaching and program development, since 1993.

As the Catalysts’ network expands, so has the company’s capacity to meet the growing needs of schools and non-profit institutions to include community engagement, capacity building, and program design. Catalysts facilitate sessions for stakeholders which foster communication, increase cultural awareness, and enhance the skills of participants.

Areas of Expertise
a-Youth Development-HTI5
a-Leadership Development-HTI2
What We Do

Stakeholder Engagement

We build community and lift up all voices to ensure ALL are heard fostering communication that increases cultural awareness, equity and comprehensive involvement of all stakeholders.

Professional Development

Our professional development services range from coaching to strategic planning to facilitating an executive retreat. Each provides opportunities for leaders to set big goals and establish a roadmap to executing those goals.  We use personality assessments, observations, insights, and resources to identify professional strengths and areas for growth.

Program Design

We design contemporary, highly engaging and evidence-based programs and strategies that support organizations. We have a Network of seasoned Catalysts with over 30 years of experience mentoring, training, and designing program curriculum.

Facilitation is at the heart of all our work. We provide interactive meetings, workshops and all-day retreats that build the skills of organization leaders and others with raw talent.

Our Core Team
Mashona Council

Director of Business Development

Sheronde Glover

Strategic/Operations Advisor

Dr. Folami Prescott-Adams

Chief Catalyst

Naeemah Chike

Finance Manager

Past & Present Partners
united way
Family Connection
100 Black Men
Achieve Atlanta
Community Foundation
Arthur M. Blank Fondation
Hands on
B&G club

“The facilitators were great. This was the best training workshop I’ve ever been to. The content and workbook are helpful and so important to our work. Thank you! Thank you!”

“This was a great training. I feel prepared to facilitate and confident aht I can deliver the information to participants. I believe in the program and I am glad to be a part of it. Excellent job facilitators.”

“The facilitators were awesome. I really learned a lot from the training. The teach backs and feedback was very helpful.”


Train the Trainer Evaluation

Fostering Family Leaders, United Way

“Gratitude for your work, your guidance and the opportunities for my own personal growth and for walking me through the painful awareness with compassion.”

“I appreciate all the work and continued conversations we have had over the last year and a half. I find myself questioning out loud when I see or experience inequities instead of just thinking it to myself. I feel more empowered to ask questions or start a dialogue.”

“I loved today’s [Privilege] Exercise. It really helped White staff get their heads around white privilege. That was a barrier for some.”

“The work is taking root and beginning to pay off. Many more miles to go…”


Staff Members

Georgia Family Connection Partnership

Wow! There were difficult and complex questions and commentary brought up from participants in this session and it is a testament to the space that Folami and McKenzie created that the group could respond and process with such openness, respect and care. Thank you!”

Jenna Gabriel, EdM

Manager, Special Education


The Kennedy Center