Dr. Folami Prescott-Adams

Chief Catalyst

Folami Prescott-Adams, Ph.D., is President of HTI Catalysts, a collaborative network whose mission is to empower and grow organizations, leaders and the greater community through coaching, curriculum, and catalytic courses. Folami is best known for her effective style of facilitation, training and group facilitation that offers a blend of theory, practice, the arts and insight in an engaging, interactive and relaxed setting. Folami is a community psychologist with expertise in youth programming, leadership development and education reform. She spent ten years of her career founding and directing three independent schools in Atlanta. All three schools were committed to utilizing cultural heritage as a foundation from which to build student commitment to community building. She is the author of SETCLAE – http://africanamericanimages.com/setclaeinfo.htm, a self-esteem through culture curriculum and is currently promoting Come Be With Me – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/come-be-with-me/id82004901 http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/sistafolami2, her latest CD compilation of her unique brand of Family Music. Folami has made significant contributions to school reform and youth development initiatives working with Morehouse School of Medicine, 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Communities In Schools of Atlanta, Georgia State University, United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta and KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools. She completed her undergraduate degree in Sociology of Education at Brown University, a Masters in Educational Administration from Temple University and a Ph.D. in Community Psychology from Georgia State University. She has four children (all graduates of Atlanta Public Schools) that constantly remind her all education begins at home.   FUN FACTS 1. What is your favorite destination? The mountains! (I own 5 acres of mountain land in Turtle Town Tennessee (Polk County) and will be building a house and retreat center by 2020!)   2. What was your first car, any cool story behind getting it? Mitsubishi Colt. It was one of the first square-shaped cars and I thought it was so…

Naeemah Chike

Finance Manager

Naeemah Chike is a former corporate worker with a background in management, accounting and taxation. She combines all areas of her expertise by working as a supervisor for a national tax service and as the owner of Naeemah’s Personal Service, a bookkeeping service where she services other business owners. Naeemah received her liberal arts bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Anthropology from Agnes Scott College. She also holds a diploma in Computer Information Systems from Atlanta Technical College and an Associate degree in Accounting. Born in Brooklyn, NY, Naeemah is the mother of four thriving adults and grandmother to four highly intelligent grandchildren. Naeemah has worked with HOME Training Institute since 2001.

Unica Hodge

Operations Coordinator

Unica Hodge is a Consultant committed to creating consistent positive and progressive changes in community and company cultures. In her current capacity, she works to improve educational programming and promote equity alignment of resources for schools across the APS district. Unica possesses a passion for encouraging advocacy and sustainability in the education and social service industries. As a former Associate Director of Housing, with a permanent housing program, she understands the intersectional needs of her clients. Her corporate and non-profit experiences permit her a unique perspective of the requisite for sustainability in business design and development. She is dedicated to creating opportunities by having dynamic conversations and consistent engagements. Unica is regularly complimented for performance proficiencies in her start-up/small business operational design and organizational development roles. She graduated summa cum laude from Georgia State University with a degree in Psychology, provides research assistance at the Georgia Institute of Technology, I/O Psychology department PARK Labs and is proud to be working with HTI Catalysts to deliver facilitation and provide project management. Her consulting talents, time and energy, are directed towards endeavors that involve education and sustainability as keystone philosophies. Unica is the proud mother of three phenomenal human beings whose existence continue to compel her to be of service and remain focused on improving socio-economic conditions, promoting prosocial behaviors and working with like-minded organizations/people when, where and as often as possible.”

Sheronde Glover

Strategic/Operations Advisor

Sheronde Glover is a high-energy focused professional with over 15 years of diverse experience working with entrepreneurs, business owners, visionaries, leaders, organizations and groups as well as numerous for-profit, non-profit, healthcare and health-related organizations in the areas of strategic planning, marketing, and implementation strategies. She is an experienced business consultant with a keen ability to conceptualize, plan, and implement. Sheronde has lent her strategic planning prowess to HTI’s portfolio on an Asset-Mapping project in South Cobb for United Way and a strategic planning retreat for Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. She has most recently been a driving force behind the strategic planning and rebranding of HTI Catalysts. Sheronde is the owner of The Business Practitioner, Inc. and is a self-published author. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Education from the University of West Georgia (formerly West Georgia College). Area of Expertise: Strategic Planning, Marketing Services: Leadership Coaching, Community Asset Mapping Years with HTI: 7 years   FUN FACTS 1. What is your favorite destination? The beach. I can spend hours upon hours at the beach and never venture into the water, lol.   2. What was your first car, any cool story behind getting it? I don’t remember what kind it was, but I do remember it was a gift and I was super excited to have my own car.  I would never have thought all these years later, I’d own a women’s empowerment brand (Car-Buy-Her) that helps women take control of their car life.   3. What gets you excited about the day? I always say, the blessing is waking up. The joy is in the things that unfold thereafter, which could be facilitating a great meeting or strategy session, speaking at an event, conducting a training, reading a good book, playing tennis, going skating,…

Jarrod Walker

Executive Assistant

Creativity isn’t only the product of problem solving and self-expression; it is also a means of connection. Jarrod Walker understands this principle; it is a driving force for his businesses as well as the fuel for his passion.

His desire to help others through meaningful connections combined with his passion for the arts shines through in his work. He is the owner and principal integrator at Beyond The Work, an administrative assistant firm whose work is mostly virtual. He serves clients throughout the United States.

In addition to helping propel businesses forward, he desires to be able to impact people’s lives through visual storytelling. He aspires to create art that ignites conversations that will enlighten, activate healing, and/or empower.

While studying at Clemson University and working on his Production Studies in Performing Arts degree, he started his first business, Special Provisions. His special events firm stocked the theatre’s Green Room for touring acts such as Rockapella and coordinated several weddings.

As the former artistic director of the EBC Players drama ministry, he has directed numerous shows as well as directed for a local theater company. He also wrote and directed Latrice Pace’s one-woman show, Exodus: The Journey of Obedience.

As an only child, he learned to entertain himself: often creating art, reading, and carrying on full conversations with himself. So, if you ever catch him talking and don’t see anyone around or earbuds in his ear, don’t be alarmed. Chances are he’s talking to himself.

He wants to leave a legacy that not only gives his children something to look up to but will also honor the memory of his parents.