Facing a New Reality

What a difference a day makes! The last several weeks have called on all of us to be leaders, personally and professionally, as we sort out the best responses, actions, and approaches based on our current situations.  This has called us to make important decisions, take critical actions and deliver relevant messages. What has struck me most is the power of leadership in the midst of a crisis. So many of the leaders that have acted rapidly and with grace and compassion have been women. In my professional world, it started with Bahia Ramos director of the arts for The Wallace Foundation who banned travel we were about to do on behalf of the Foundation’s Youth Arts Initiative two weeks ago. She reminded us that children were involved and we need not visit with youth if we are putting them at risk by doing so. Then Keisha Lance-Bottoms, Atlanta City Mayor announced – in the same week – that no resident of the city would have their water turned off for the next 60 days. Now she is looking into payments for those with no wages due to the shutdown of life as we know it and for small businesses who have had to shut their doors. Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Meria Carstarphen acted swiftly and wisely. Less than 24 hours after Governor Kemp pleaded with school leaders to close their districts as soon as the next day (Friday, March 13 – Yes. Friday the 13th!), Dr. C announced that APS would close its doors the following Monday and would hold school Friday so the staff could devise their plans to continue to educate and feed its students during the shutdown. Pick-up locations for breakfast, lunch, and cookable dinners were posted and it appears she influenced the rest of the country with her comprehensive and compassionate moves. Andrea Ranae held a free 90-minute webinar on Monday…

What Type of Leader are You?


Think about what you lead. Your family? An organization? A business? A movement? Now think about the type of leader you are.

There are variety of leadership types and styles in which you might fit. One of the tools used by HTI is the Leadership Compass, which allows you to assess leadership in conjunction with your work style.

Wondering what type of leader you are? Here’s a sample of the different variations based on the Leadership Compass.



  • North – North’s are all about action and getting things done. They can be quick to act, are focused on the bottom line and tend to like quick and fast paced environments.




  • South – South’s tend to be more value-driven and empathetic. They are led mostly by their emotions and intuition, are less competitive, and are focused on the present.




  • East –   East’s are visionary’s. They’re big picture thinkers, believe in the possibility of it all, are idea-generators and are focused on the future. They’re great problem solvers and enjoy exploring new ways for doing things.


  • West – West’s are the analyzers. They are data and logic driven. They will way all sides of an issue and are usually practical, dependable and thorough. West’s are good at understanding what information is needed to assist in decision making.

Curious about your leadership style? Take the Leadership Compass Self Assessment.