HTI partnered with Bellwether Education Partners to provide a comprehensive vision and strategies around education on the Westside.


HTI & Bellwether Team with AMBFF Staff


HTI worked specifically on stakeholder engagement using listening sessions, Empowerment Teach-In sessions as well as visioning sessions to document ideas and opinions in the community.



Work Session with Bellwether and HTI


Our listening sessions allowed us to listen to stakeholders of the community – parents, residents, students, teachers and providers and document their opinions and visions for the community. Through the teach-ins, we helped build capacity in the community so stakeholders felt better equipped to implement their collective vision and strategy. With Bellwether, the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation and the community, we were able to support a strategic vision for education excellence.

Catalysts at Work


HTI continued their stakeholder engagement work in the community with the Westside Economic Inclusion Collaborative.


Westside Neighborhood Map