Achieve AtlantaHTI will be conducting a series of listening sessions with parents of APS (Atlanta Public Schools) students as a part of Achieve Atlanta’s engagement research to support their goal of seeing more students achieve post-secondary education. The listening sessions will provide an opportunity to hear directly from parents regarding their thoughts, ideas and opinions on their children’s future and the role post- secondary education plays in their success. Specifically, the listening sessions will help to discern how to get parents to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and what roadblocks keep parents from applying for student aid.

Achieve Atlanta believes every Atlanta Public Schools (APS) student deserves the opportunity to complete post-secondary education and obtain the full benefits that a higher education provides. Achieve Atlanta seeks to dramatically increase the number of APS students graduating from college.

Engaging parents through listening sessions is a way for Achieve Atlanta to connect and collaborate more broadly with parents as they plan out their programs for the school year.