team building

There are any number of approaches for building a team. At HTI, we use 5 techniques that have been highly effective.


  1. Understand Personalities & Work Styles – We all have different personalities and work styles. Learning the different styles and personalities within your organization or team is a good first step for working collaboratively. Some of the resources we use for understanding personalities include the Myer-Briggs and Leadership Compass Points.


  2. Work together / CollaborateTeam building is all about working together and collaborating. When you work in silos, very little is accomplished. Working together collaboratively provides opportunities to expand and grow.


  3. Build Relationships. – How many times have you looked around at your staff, team or co-workers and realized you really don’t know them at all? Building authentic relationships helps you to learn more about the people you work with. We find that icebreakers are fun, informative ways to get to know the people in the room.


  4. Celebrate Small Wins & Big Gains. –  Everyone enjoys celebrating. Too often, we forget that in our work environments. Celebrations are not just for the big accomplishments. Small achievements should be acknowledged and celebrated, too.

  5. Have Fun – Smiles and laughter bring people together in a way that nothing else does. When you create environments that are fun and joyful, you produce valued experiences and help foster supportive communities.

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