Do you miss hugs? That warm embrace from a friendly face signifying acceptance, support, and comfort.

In a world where racial injustice continues to exist, equity must become that friendly face that we readily embrace. It’s not always easy, though, especially in a space of denial, misunderstanding, lack of clarity, and unfamiliarity. It is, however, attainable, if we each make an effort to accept, support, and become comfortable with people and being in places where we haven’t always been.

Here are 3 ways that you can begin to embrace equity.

  • Accept that there is much to be learned and even more that must be unlearned.
  • Support causes, programs, people, and institutions that continue to fight for equity and justice for all people.

  • Comfort – Find comfort in new ideas, new approaches, and new people.

If individually and collectively we begin to embrace the idea and notion of equity, we will indeed change the world. I welcome the time when we are all hugging again and the time when racial equity and those most impacted by it are accepted, supported, and comforted.