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Our courses are interactive and hands on. We do it the “Catalysts Way” – fresh, high energy, inspiring and evidence-based. We incorporate opportunities to build the facilitation skills of your organizations’ leaders and others with raw talent.

In the past ten years, we have moved away from using words like “training” to using the more comprehensive term “professional development” to describe the gathering of staff and colleagues to enhance professional knowledge, build skills and shape a shared vision. Too often, decision makers think this can be done in one stand-alone session. We are often asked to lead one stand-alone session on Youth Voice, Time Management or Difficult Conversations to name a few.

Yet, personal experience and research suggest that the development of knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors can not be changed in a way that ‘sticks’ without ongoing support, explicit multi-modal instruction and the establishment of a supportive and transparent community of practice.

Our Catalytic Courses allow for that to happen across these key components:

  • three 4-hour sessions over 6 months
  • online community-building
  • opportunities for group coaching
  • a one-on-one coaching session with a Catalyst
  • customization available for private on-site staff training

Clients: KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools, Atlanta Public Schools, United Way of Greater Atlanta, Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, Clayton County Schools’ Social Workers, City of Atlanta Recreation Department, Communities In Schools of Georgia