We design user-friendly, contemporary, highly engaging and evidence-based curriculum guides to meet your program objectives in ways that engage and inspire the targeted audience. Our library holds a host of proven curricula. Our clients enjoy program templates or our experienced team will create custom curricula for your company.

In schools, a teachers’ workplan is often driven by the curriculum standards mandated at the state level. With the implementation of the Common Core curriculum, even more of these learning expectations are predetermined. The same is becoming true for youth development professionals who are charged with decreasing the obesity rate, preventing pregnancy, promoting healthy eating or increasing the HS and college graduation rate – just to name a few.

All of these standards still leave room for refinement of the delivery of information and skill-building. HTI Catalysts observe your current delivery, identify the best practices and work with you to write facilitator guides based on a curriculum.

In the process, your team becomes keenly aware of their own best practices and improves in the practice of documenting them for delivery and the creation of shared experiences.

Clients: Wholistic Stress Control Institute, Operation Hope, Georgia Afterschool Institute

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