Burnett_Gayle-blackwhiteGayle Burnett is the co-author of Peace in Everyday Relationships (Hunter House Publishers, 2003) which provides information, practical tools and real-life examples to support readers in the development of conflict resolution skills within diverse environments. From 1990 to the 2004, she worked with a wide array of diversity and leadership clients, including Ernst & Young, Lucent Technologies, AT&T and the NCAA, supporting increased understanding and effectiveness amongst their employees. She has been leading and facilitating courageous conversations regarding diversity, race,
and equity for much of her lifetime.

Gayle’s career choices have also been diverse, as an assistant vice president and analyst for a Wall Street clearinghouse bank, she worked in the international markets of Singapore, Australia and London. There, she gained a first hand understanding of the subtle differences between people that can create misunderstanding, conflict and
poor performance. She was a past partner and principal of Inter-Change Consultants and was the Atlanta Coordinator for the National Resolving Conflict Creatively Program, where she expressed her commitment to ending violence and racism in the world. She joined the Atlanta Public Schools, in 2003, where she served in several capacities, including the Executive Director of Innovation. Finally, she most recently worked with The Rensselaerville Institute as the Interim President, supporting the organization’s transition of leadership while maintaining excellence in performance.

Gayle holds an MA in Economics from the City University of New York and is a Fellow Alum of Harvard University’s Strategic Data Project.


Fun Facts

1. What is your favorite destination?
Barcelona, Spain

2. What was your first car, any cool story behind getting it?
Volvo 240 GL – no cool story, just loved that car.

3. What gets you excited about the day?
Knowing that I will do my best to spark insight, authenticity and rigorous honesty in others and in myself.

4. Who was your celebrity crush?
I suppose Denzel Washington has been the longest lasting.  I like intelligence and looks.

5. What’s your biggest passion?
Problem-solving of all kinds.

6. Best advice you’ve ever gotten from your mom or maternal figure?
In the face of great odds against you, persevere.

7. Kroger or Publix?

8. If you were a professor, what course what would you teach?
The power of integrity, inclusiveness, and rigorous honesty.

9. How do you relax after a long day?
Junk TV and cognac

10.   Do you have any hidden talent?
If I tell they won’t be hidden!

What’s your favorite quote? “It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishment the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul” Invictus by William Ernest Henley