Alexandria Barabin Harris is a leadership development strategist, cultural worker, and facilitator for organizations dedicated to creating change. Alexandria also provides workshops and coaching for career professionals as well as  womenpreneurs to lead a life they actually love.


Since 2004, Alexandria has provided leadership and professional development for colleges and universities, youth groups, nonprofits, small businesses, faith-based organizations, women’s groups, and community organizations. Alexandria has also led personal leadership retreats, cultural diversity workshops, youth programs, and social media marketing classes for creative entrepreneurs. She is a contributing writer for several online blogs on popular culture and leadership.


Alexandria met Dr. Folami Prescott-Adams in 2011 and connected around a mutual interest in facilitating community engagement, creative arts, and social justice. Since that time, Alexandria has worked with HTI Catalyst on a number of projects and initiatives including: leadership development for parents and community members; project-based education and expanding approaches to out-of-class time learning for after-school programming; college and career readiness; and media literacy.


In addition to her work as an HTI Catalyst, Alexandria teaches a class at Spelman College on Leadership Development. She is also the Diversity & Inclusion Trainer for the Atlanta Chapter of the New Leader’s Council, and coaches womenpreneurs with @YesSheLeads.