Unica Hodge is a Consultant committed to creating consistent positive and progressive changes in community and company cultures. In her current capacity, she works to improve educational programming and promote equity alignment of resources for schools across the APS district.

Unica possesses a passion for encouraging advocacy and sustainability in the education and social service industries. As a former Associate Director of Housing, with a permanent housing program, she understands the intersectional needs of her clients. Her corporate and non-profit experiences permit her a unique perspective of the requisite for sustainability in business design and development. She is dedicated to creating opportunities by having dynamic conversations and consistent engagements.

Unica is regularly complimented for performance proficiencies in her start-up/small business operational design and organizational development roles. She graduated summa cum laude from Georgia State University with a degree in Psychology, provides research assistance at the Georgia Institute of Technology, I/O Psychology department PARK Labs and is proud to be working with HTI Catalysts to deliver facilitation and provide project management. Her consulting talents, time and energy, are directed towards endeavors that involve education and sustainability as keystone philosophies.

Unica is the proud mother of three phenomenal human beings whose existence continue to compel her to be of service and remain focused on improving socio-economic conditions, promoting prosocial behaviors and working with like-minded organizations/people when, where and as often as possible.”