Dr. Natasha Brewley has been teaching mathematics courses for the past 14 years, but her research interests are in mathematics education. She is interested in how communities of practices are established in mathematics contexts and how this influences the learning of mathematics and the identities of individuals in these spaces. She is also concerned with examining the experiences of individuals from a critical race theory perspective to gain more insight on how their schooling experiences influence their mathematics identity. Brewley is also interested in investigating what mathematics educators can do to promote equitable teaching practices for individuals from diverse backgrounds to promote learning in mathematics. Finally, Brewley is currently conducting research on hybrid courses. A hybrid course is a blend between a traditional course and an online course. This course model is growing in popularity and she is investigating how effective this model is on students reaching their learning outcomes in mathematics. She is interested in understanding how students perceive hybrid courses and the impact of technological tools have on their learning as compared to traditional mathematics courses. Brewley is also the owner of Nyansapo Educational Services, Inc., which offers a range of educational services from mathematics education to food education support.