JW_Headshot(BW)_0120Creativity isn’t only the product of problem solving and self-expression; it is also a means of connection. Jarrod Walker understands this principle; it is a driving force for his businesses as well as the fuel for his passion.


His desire to help others through meaningful connections combined with his passion for the arts shines through in his work. He is the owner and principal integrator at Beyond The Work, an administrative assistant firm whose work is mostly virtual. He serves clients throughout the United States.


In addition to helping propel businesses forward, he desires to be able to impact people’s lives through visual storytelling. He aspires to create art that ignites conversations that will enlighten, activate healing, and/or empower.


While studying at Clemson University and working on his Production Studies in Performing Arts degree, he started his first business, Special Provisions. His special events firm stocked the theatre’s Green Room for touring acts such as Rockapella and coordinated several weddings.


As the former artistic director of the EBC Players drama ministry, he has directed numerous shows as well as directed for a local theater company. He also wrote and directed Latrice Pace’s one-woman show, Exodus: The Journey of Obedience.


As an only child, he learned to entertain himself: often creating art, reading, and carrying on full conversations with himself. So, if you ever catch him talking and don’t see anyone around or earbuds in his ear, don’t be alarmed. Chances are he’s talking to himself.


He wants to leave a legacy that not only gives his children something to look up to but will also honor the memory of his parents.