Gina-GlymphGina Glymph is the Vice President of Glymph and Associates, LLC. She has served in the world of early childhood education in varying capacities for 25 years and is a strong advocate of education. She has developed a professional brand rooted in her passion for positive early learning outcomes for all Georgians. She has served in various administrative capacities at early childhood programs such as Atlanta Public Schools, Sheltering Arms and the YMCA of Greater Atlanta. She believes that through quality teachers, research, best practices, and family involvement, early childhood programs will ensure that all young children develop the knowledge and skills they need to be successful.

She has dedicated her career to supporting high-quality early education and healthy development for children, families, and communities. Gina believes that fostering the love for learning, involving parents and creating opportunities for positive social interaction are germane to developing children who are ready to enter Kindergarten and to becoming life-long learners.

Throughout the years, a significant amount of her work has been developing and facilitating professional development. Her experience in training and adult learning theory has played a vital role in her professional development and improving practices. Most recently she has achieved certification in Results-Based Accountability, a framework designed to utilize data to assist organizations to improve their performance. She has guided organizations to use Results-Based Accountability™ (RBA) to Turn the Curve and improve the outcomes for the populations
that they serve.

Gina holds a Masters of Education from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and a Bachelors of Arts in Religion from Colgate University in Hamilton.



1. What is your favorite destination?
The beach. At the beach, I feel a sense of peace and healing that I do not get anywhere else. I love the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves, the feel of the cool, healing waters and the warm sand beneath my feet. I
love the breathtaking view of the colors and contrast of the blue beautiful water and the sand.


2. What was your first car, any cool story behind getting it?
My first car was a 1986 Chevrolet Spectrum. I bought it in 1992 and drove it from NY to Atlanta. The coolest thing about the car, besides that fact that it was mine, was that I never had to lock it. Because of the condition of the car, there was a trick to starting it. I never had to worry about anyone stealing it.


3. What gets you excited about the day?
Feeling accomplished, being outside and enjoying nature.


4. Who was your celebrity crush?
As a child, my celebrity crush was Tom Selleck. As an adult, my celebrity crushes are Common and Kevin Costner.


5. What’s your biggest passion?
My biggest passions are children and word games.


6. Best advice you’ve ever gotten from your mom?
No one is responsible for you, but you.


7. Kroger or Publix?
Don’t make me choose! Publix has the best sandwiches ever. Kroger has better prices. Publix has better customer service. Kroger has a vegetarian/vegan section. Publix is brighter and typically more welcoming in
its presentation. Kroger offers a gas discount. I need both in my life!


8. If you were a professor, what course what would you teach?
A course on early childhood education that focuses on the social/emotional development of children. While this question is about professorship, I would prefer to offer courses to early childhood teachers who are not degreed or in
school because I see this as a great need. A good percentage of early childhood teachers fall into this category. These teachers and their students would benefit greatly from ongoing, consistent professional development that will afford them the same quality of information as a college course.
9. How do you relax after a long day?
If the weather allows, sitting on my porch or deck with a glass of wine, conversing with loved ones.

10.   Do you have any hidden talent?
Most people don’t realize how funny I am. Because of my style of humor, I would not necessarily be successful as a stand-up comedian. My humor is more subtle and spontaneous. My timing is impeccable. One of my specialties is dry wit and creating a “shock factor”. Most social conversations that I have with people will result in hearty laughter.