Kimberly_logoKimberly is the CEO of Options for Kids. She is a highly enthusiastic and innovative professional with over 16 years of Youth Development experience.  She possesses a demonstrated ability in relating to youth and creating targeted opportunities for academic success, workforce readiness and leadership development. She is dedicated to increasing student achievement and fostering nurturing and positive relationships within the Youth Development field by building the professional capacity of staff.  It is her goal to help the youth, adults, and families that she works with by determining possible solutions to their social and emotional barriers to success.

Kimberly is a Professional Developer and Thought Leader in the following areas:

  • Positive Youth Development
  • Positive Discipline
  • Building a Culture of Emotional Safety
  • Teen Growth Strategies in an Afterschool Setting
  • Program Quality Assessment, Evaluation, and Growth in an
    After-School Setting
  • Developing a Culture of College & Career Readiness in your organization
  • College Access & Success
  • Social Emotional Intelligence
  • Risk & Resilience (Recognizing Self – Harm Risk Factors)
  • Analytical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, and Strategic Thinking: The Key Elements Needed to make Informed Decisions
  • Building Team Trust (Healthy Staff Relationships)