Malesha-blackwhiteMalesha Jessie Taylor is an operatic soprano, music professor, writer, and speaker with over a decade of experience in non-profit administration and arts education. She has served as an educator at all levels from pre-k to college, written and devised literacy curriculum, directed instructors and leadership teams in after-school programs and has also designed enrichment programs for foster youth in residential facilities and group homes. Malesha has also worked in operations and program management with public, private and charter schools throughout metro Atlanta, New York City and Los Angeles. She has been a featured artist, speaker and panelist with Arts for Changing America, a 5-year national initiative whose mission is to reframe the national arts conversation by embracing the cultural assets of demographic change.  Ms. Taylor has published articles on cultural equity and the arts through Emerson College’s HowlRound, a free and open platform for theatremakers worldwide that amplifies progressive, disruptive ideas about the art form and facilitates connection between diverse practitioners. Malesha was apart of the 2019 Cohort of the Urban Bush Women Summer Leadership Institute along with The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond: Undoing Racism Training. Malesha is the Founder of museSalon Collaborative, an international network of organizations and arts practitioners working at the nexus of arts, culture, and social change. Malesha currently resides in Decatur, GA with her children, twins aged 7 and a four-year-old. On her downtime, Malesha can be found salsa dancing, hiking and doing yin yoga.


1. What is your favorite destination?

A metropolitan city, especially overseas! I’m an Expat at heart.

2. What was your first car, any cool story behind getting it?

My first car was a black Honda Civic! Best first car ever!


3. What gets you excited about the day?

I love waking up and knowing I’m doing work that I love.


4. Who was your celebrity crush?


5. What’s your biggest passion?

The sacred work of Singing.

6. Best advice you’ve ever gotten from your mom?

“You knew who God was before you were born.”


7. Kroger or Publix?

Who? What? Trader Joes, please!


8. If you were a professor, what course what would you teach?

The one I teach now which I love, vocal music!

9. How do you relax after a long day?

Live music and my favorite jazz spot


10.   Do you have any hidden talent?

I sing in 4 languages and I am a skilled salsa dancer.