MW headhot 11_17McKenzie Wren is a skilled facilitator who honors the power of community to solve its own problems. In this work, McKenzie brings an asset-based approach to all that she does and uses collaborative and participatory tools to make sure all voices are heard. McKenzie’s particular areas of focus are helping businesses and non-profits create cultures of collaboration and inclusion. She helps groups and organizations increase their sense of community specifically by assisting with communication flow and increasing engagement. Underlying all of her work is a commitment to social justice and racial equity.

McKenzie Wren is a board member of the Southeast Association of Facilitators (SEAF) and serves as the VP of Membership.



1. What is your favorite destination?

I love traveling and particularly love mountains, snow, and wide open vistas. My favorite destinations in the South include any rocky creeks bordered by rhododendrons in the old mountains of NC. Other favorite US places include the Wind River Mountains in WY,  San Francisco and any part of the Pacific coastline!


2. What was your first car, any cool story behind getting it?

A Chevy Nova. It was so powerful that I only had to take my foot off the brake and it would surge forward. This resulted in several small fender benders as a 16-year-old!


3. What gets you excited about the day?

My favorite work days are the ones where I am working with clients to help them further their goals. I truly love being with groups of people and helping them uncover their own wisdom.


4. Who was your celebrity crush?

Ummmm… I loved Hawkeye on M*A*S*H but I wasn’t and still am not a big celebrity crusher unless you include authors in which case I adore Barbara Kingsolver.


5. What’s your biggest passion?

Advocating for equity and helping people deepen their capacity to talk across difference. While I have always been involved in social justice and various aspects of healing and empowering, it took me a minute to be able to put all my skills together to begin explicitly addressing our racial history. My passion is helping people move forward together to create a different way of being together in this country.


6. Best advice you’ve ever gotten from your mom?

Be curious about everything.


7. Kroger or Publix?



8. If you were a professor, what course what would you teach?

Connecting the personal and political: how self-care and compassion are at the root of advocating for change.


9. How do you relax after a long day?

Glass of wine on the porch.


10.   Do you have any hidden talent?

I am a collage artist and love working with music, maps, and words to create art. I also sing in my synagogue chorus.