Sharon Green’s life purpose of becoming an educational consultant was founded on her personal experience as a homeschool parent. Homeschooling her three sons for twelve years gave her insight on the various options families have in education. Her empathy and genuine compassion, along with her in-depth knowledge of educational processes have made her a unique resource for families.


Sharon started her academic career at Spelman College studying English Literature. During her 15 years as a “stay-at-home” mom, Sharon homeschooled, and tutored many students.  She had the opportunity to serve as a tutor for middle school and high school students for several years.  Once her own children went on to boarding and day school she continued tutoring other students in the Atlanta Metropolitan area.


Her own family’s experiences have provided her with personal insight into the challenges that families face with the education of their children. As an educational consultant, she is dedicated to giving clients the support and information they need to choose the educational setting that best fits their student’s academic, social, and emotional needs, wherever they are in their lives.


With the support of family, Sharon Green opened BloomTree Inc. Education Services, where she continues to train and learn cutting edge approaches on how to Educate, Enrich and Elevate the Whole Child.