Catalysts, McKenzie & FolamiRace, Equity and Inclusion (REI) Project with Georgia Family Connection Partnership (GaFCP).


Georgia Family Connection Partnership is a statewide network dedicated to the health and well-being of families and communities. They empower communities in all 159 Georgia counties to craft local solutions based on local decisions.

HTI’s is working with the staff and leadership team to support them as they apply an equity lens to improving children’s health across all of Georgia. The lead Catalyst for the project is McKenzie Wren who is working along with advisor Folami Prescott-Adams.


The Work from the Eyes of the Lead Catalyst:

As a white woman who has lived most of her life in the South, my job is to help people understand the system in the South and how it privileges or disenfranchises people based on race and class. Through a straightforward exploration into actual Southern history and what we have all inherited, my commitment is to move past shame and blame and into co-creating something new that works for all people in all skin. It’s not easy.

GaFCP has taken a bold step to look at their role, their individual identities, and position and understand how it connects to their work. Among other things, they are disaggregating data to understand systemic inequities and linking equity to all of their outcomes.



We are creating tools for them to take to the deepest parts of Georgia to help people talk about race and racism and systemic inequities. A primary tool is learning expeditions where small groups read books or an article, watch film or videos or visit a location such as the Center for Civil and Human Rights. Each expedition comes with a facilitator guide with discussion questions to help participants share perspectives and make meaning of the experience. The staff is doing brave work through sharing stories and strengthening relationships and having experiences that will become toolkits that they use across the 159 counties.

It is an incredible honor to be working with HTI and Dr. Folami as we deepen our own relationship through honest conversations about race and helping others to have those conversations too. To me, it’s the most important work I could be doing.

GaFCP Team

McKenzie Wren
Dr. Folami Prescott-Adams

Chief Catalyst