To know that HTI’s vision is to be the Catalyst (literally and figuratively) for organizational and individual transformation is massive, but so doable. And it all starts with 3 actionable steps:

  1. Building Community
  2. Defining Culture
  3. Visionary Leadership


Building Community – One of the most important things we do is build community. If you know HTI, you know how important it is for us to support teams through community building. As  facilitators, we often do these through exercises that help teams build trust and get to know each other better.


To effect change among people, structures, and systems we have to start with building community. It’s amazing that we can work side-by-side with people for 5, 10 or even 15 years of our lives and never know the names of each other’s children or where we grew up. 


Change doesn’t happen until we open up a bit and begin to know and understand others ideas, thoughts, and experiences. These opportunities allow us to grow. Then transformation begins to take place, but not before we  . . .

Define Culture – Knowing who you want to be and why as an organization or entity gives you the foundation for transformation.  When we started the HTI Catalysts network, we knew our goal was to create a welcoming, collaborative culture of transparency. We wanted a place where independent consultants could serve as resources to each other, build their consultancies, and work collectively on projects. Our culture is further defined by what we call the HTI way, bringing intentional energy, asking for what we need, etc. It’s how we show up for each other and for our partners. When cultures aren’t defined you have culture clashes that often result in workplace dysfunction. To move beyond that you must have . . . 

Visionary Leadership – The role of the leader in transformation is to offer the vision, then lift it up and sell it to staff so they can get on board. I was so excited to see that APS (Atlanta Public Schools) was named a winner of the Gallup 2021 Don Clifton Strength-Based Culture Award recently.  As one of the HTI Catalysts partners it was a full circle moment to hear this news because I was there when every APS staffer got a copy of a special edition of Strengths Finders with a special message from the superintendent. From that day to now, visionary leadership has been in place to move from concept, to action, to transformative change. 

For those that are not aware of CliftonStrengths assessment, it’s a tool used to discover your most innate talents. The assessment measures your natural talents, patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviors and then sums those up into 34 different themes such as: strategic thinking, relationship building, influencing, executing, etc. You can learn more here.