Anytime you consider organizational change work, you have to consider the process:

  • Where is the organization currently?
  • Where would they like to be?
  • What shifts and changes need to be made?
  • How will we approach the work?
  • How do we engage along the way?

Instinctively, an engagement with a partner yields a deliverable, a final product, or outcome, but the real work happens during the process. At HTI, we say The Process is the Product, and here’s what we mean by that.

Before organizational change or transformational happens, there have to be small shifts — in thinking, behaving, and believing.

That is what we call the process and that has everything to do with the people. Thus, the journey to change happens on our way to delivering the product, with individuals first and foremost often through a series of discoveries, aha moments, and understanding. And we can’t leave out the fun, angst, frustration, laughter, and sometimes tears that come along the way. 

At HTI, the people and the process always outweigh the deliverable because we fully understand that there are a number of small, incremental steps that get us to the end product.  It’s tough work, but it’s a part of the process.