ASD Conference Attendees:

Leadership Compass Points

  • The Bonner curriculum is a comprehensive facilitators guide that can be implemented over several sessions for a team
  • Self-assessment and a great list of ways to work with others across all 4 compass points.


Team Building Resources

HTI Catalysts’ Five Strategies for Team Building 
  • Understand personalities & workstyles
  • Work together/collaborate
  • Build Relationships
  • Celebrate small wins & big gains.
  • Have Fun!
STACK – A great activity for closing out a professional learning session. STACK stands for:
S – Shout-Out
T – Thank you
A – Apology
C – Curious
K – Key takeaway
Small Wins – a fun and low-cost way to celebrate the efforts and personalities of team members.
Instructions: Place gifts below (or other appropriate substitutions) in gift bags with festive tissue paper. Using the tags on the gifts or a slide with the accolades below, invite participants to recognize others as one way we can celebrate small wins in the moment. Ask them to make a brief statement to the group as to why the recipient deserves this recognition and have them present the gift. To avoid multiple recipients for each gift, have the “giver” pick up the gift and present it to the winner. You can either invite everyone to pick up the gifts at the same time or one at a time. Add your fun ideas to the list!
  • Candle – You light up a room
  • Thumb Drive – You are informed
  • Double & Triple-A Batteries – You energize us
  • Tea & Mug – You keep us calm
  • Popcorn – You keep us entertained
Understanding the Many Layers of Change

SRI’s tools include protocols that offer structured processes to support focused and productive conversations, build collective understanding, and drive program improvement. Thoughtful use of these protocols is an integral part of building resilient professional learning communities.


APS Leadership July 2015:

Maximizing Productivity
Team Building Strategies for Leaders


Meaningful Icebreakers:
Making Meetings Matter
Running Effective Meetings


Compass Points & Myers-Brigg Types:
Tools for Self-Awareness
Leadership compass points assessment
Leadership Compass Points Facilitators Guide
Link to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment


Cultural Competence Continuum:
The continuum from Bazron, Dennis and Isaacs.
Multicultural and Cross-Cultural Aspects of Evaluation


Conflict Management and Mediation:
5 approaches to dealing with conflict
Animal Conflict Styles
What is your conflict resolution animal?

Change Management:
Three Types of Change Management
Change Management Models


School Reform:
Learning Communities
Guiding Schools to Better Teaching and Learning


Positive Youth Development:
What is positive youth development?


Afterschool Programming:
Youth Program Quality Assessment Tool
APAS – Afterschool Program Assessment System
Afterschool Program Resources


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